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High school Pariah
With words as my witness,
I put this head to shame.
Once thought the world was dim,
but it was only me to blame.
Year after year I'd cry and cry,
My troubles never did wane.
Then I graduated,
And then the end to my pain.
They tortured, they teased,
they pointed and they anointed
Anointed me the freak,
forever would I be "lame".
I left and didn't turn back.
I never thought be gone from my bane.
Looking back now and nothing matters,
All this was was one big game.
High school isn't important,
I must proclaim.
As soon as you leave it's history,
An ember left from a flame.
I'll never forget what they've done,
They might as well handed me a gun.
I thought everyone was terrible,
only here to cause me pain.
But people are wonderful,
it's just the teenagers that suck.
I generalized everyone,
thinking they were all the same.
With words as my witness,
I put this head to shame.
Life will get better,
Life will beat to a different drum.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 1 0
A Lesson
Hickory dickory dock
12 strikes on the clock
Our time is done
Set down the drum
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
Life is not what I thought
I reckon it well
In the child's spell
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
School was mine to unlock
I walked the hall
Never could I fall
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
Until there was a block,
Death at my door
A child no more
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
The school was my only rock
Ryan was gone
My dad long done
Life was not what I thought
Hickory dickory dock
Schools I almost dropped
No one asked
About my mask
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
Many thought I had not
Been so depressed
Been so oppressed
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
The teachers did concoct
A way to help
Heal and rebuild
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
Then I did take some stock
On what I've got
Its not what I thought
Hickory dickory dock
Hickory dickory dock
A lesson I forgot
A roof to house
Food in my mouth
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
Rehabilitation after Annihilation
Birds are everywhere
Freedom will prevail.
No matter what you take,
No matter what hell,
The bird will prevail.
take their trees,
Replace them with these
Buildings and scapers*
touching the sky...
And into these they'll dive.
Spinning and twirling,
Cutting through the air
the birds will be face to face
With their despair.
They will fall.
A splatter of feathers
scatter all around,
Never to be placed back,
They fall to the ground.
The black mass
will lay there shuddering,
sobbing to nothing.
But the body continues,
Harmed and dazed and broken,
But the feathers can be regrown.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 2 0
My body aches and bursts,
He humid cold sweat
weeping from every pore.
My soul longs for the touch
Of your fervent pelt,
Rolling and unrolling in tune.
The tendrils of sticky passion
Slip stealthily in my mind,
Overriding the impulse control.
A palm with vagabond antennas
Reach out the synapse between--
Hoping to consume every sense.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 2 0
Essay Time by EmilyJanus Essay Time :iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
Look out the window
In the middle of winter,
Only the trees and skies
Are in the small view.
One might pretend that
the snow has withered
deep deep into the ground,
And the grass covered in dew.
But be warned of the danger
of looking out further
and seeing the endless white
stretch across the fields.
The dream will be broken
of a sweet summer murmur.
Back into reality you will snap,
And images of happiness will yield.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 1 0
Scream out in misery's disdain,
Louder and louder for every pain
That enters and leave
Let's hear you scream.
Life isn't fair for any,
A big hole of nothingness for many.
Hurt after hurt is the strife,
But hey... That's just life.
Lay down during the dark
And reflect on what is stark.
The demons your mind will never slay,
So forever in darkness you will lay.
Perchance a glimmer will shine,
Let it glow up and down your spine.
Through your soul it will dance,
But this is merely by chance.
Never let it go
For it's your only chance to show
That life is forever
And darkness will be never.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 2 0
Card game
Who's to judge?
Who's to blame?
No one can know
What cards we are dealt.
I'm sitting on the chance,
The chance ill be dealt the king.
the king of my heart,
Ti stake the claim,
And keep it forever.
hope resting on the chance,
The queen of heart won't appear,
And steal away my king.
Maybe a joker or two
will make its way to my hand,
But my heart is resevered.
My only fear us the ace.
the coldest,
Most terrifying card.
He digs his way to your heart,
Against your will.
He leaves you empty.
he leaves you wide open.
You build your wall
thicker and thicker.
So not even the king,
Will reach you then.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
Losing hope
Sorry to disappoint,
But there is only misery
in the city I house in my heart.
Walls built so thick,
Walls built so tough,
Not the burliest of foe-
Is any match.
Walls so thick,
Walls so tough,
Villagers of emotion,
turn into prisoners.
no longer free to leave,
They must stay,
For the safety of the city.
All they can do is
chip, chip, chip
at the solid wall.
Its stone cold laughter
whips mercilessly back.
for it knows they will never succeed.
The chip,  chip, chip
turns into tick, tick, tick.
as their feeble strength
slowly depletes.
Sorry woes pass their lips
By the numerous villagers inside.
But no one can hear them.
Slowly the tick, tick, tick
Turns into tick, tick.
Then tick.
The a dead.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 1 0
The guiltAnd so I stay up,
Night after night,
Tomorrow will be the day.
The day I seize,
Under my control,
Twitching beneath my power.
Tomorrow will be the day,
I press underneath my thumb.
screaming at it:
no longer! Will I be victim,
To countless mishaps.
No longer! will I be victim,
To the guilt of yesteryear.
No longer! Will I be victim to my own naivity.
Inhibitions swirling around inside my head.
tomorrow will be the day.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
Holidays without you
TVs and radios
Chim chime songs of happiness,
Caring for another,
World peace.
My heart just aches,
Almost leaving my chest,
The feeling of a gaping cavity.
This cavity won't ever be filled.
It was created...
when you decided to leave.
Your heart will never pump.
Your blood will never run.
your arms will never spread wide open.
For me to climb into
As I open th door wide,
And make a running start.
Never again will your laughter-
Strong and vibrant-
Surge through the house.
Holidays only leave me
with an empty reminder,
Of what could have been.
The snowflakes fall,
Almost in sync with my hopes.
Ill never see you again.
So let the TVs chim chime happiness.
I don't care.
It means nothing to me.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
Misery is my best friend
Living in fear,
With each corner concealing a new tragedy.
Each step,
Taken more cautiously.
Each breathe,
Taken more sullenly.
anticipation slips down
My back with the sweat.
slowly rolling,
Slowly building,
Slowly manifesting.
the odor of foul memories,
Wretched my nose.
Encasing me whole.
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
'Cause I've been hurt,
Way down in the dirt,
And you ask why,
Because you put me there,
You've dug me down deep.
And all that's left there,
is to weep.
Don't you worry...
I don't need you.
I can handle myself.
From lifting the heaviest loads,
To keeping myself together.
no one can do it better-
Than me,
:iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0
Floateril by EmilyJanus Floateril :iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 0 0 Pokemon Kanto Map by EmilyJanus Pokemon Kanto Map :iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 1 0 Love Lilly by EmilyJanus Love Lilly :iconemilyjanus:EmilyJanus 2 0


Self Destruction
Watch me burn
In fire so hot
Watch me burn
In what you can't stop
My screams of pain
Fall on deaf ears
You see me strain
With falling tears
Watch me burn
In flames so bright
Watch me burn
In a starless night
Self incineration
As the fire goes higher
My incarnation
of the bird of fire
Watch me burn
Engulfed so wide
Watch me burn
In fiery suicide
Leave behind ashes
After my combustion
But this does not end
My self destruction
:iconkordelskin:kordelskin 21 25
Happiness in Love II
Happiness in Love II
Dictated by Puabi
What means happy love
To a woman, anywhere?
Whatever suggests happy love
To women, everywhere.
Lying close together
So that skin touches skin
Hearing each other sigh
Touching her cheek tenderly
Wiping joyful tears from her eyes.
That can make her smile and grin
All that, my beloved does to me
In happy love,
Both lovers always win
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 5 2
WHEN I love you
I love you means the world
I love you means everything
I love you means I won't quit
not now
not when this happens
not now
when you just told me you don't need to talk to me
not now
when you want to be alone
save it for later
draft it
click send
when it really matters
:iconnarimal:Narimal 3 0
Rainbow Scream by Ajala Rainbow Scream :iconajala:Ajala 775 75 Zeppard male unicorn by Reptangle Zeppard male unicorn :iconreptangle:Reptangle 2,329 166 sister by jarrod343 sister :iconjarrod343:jarrod343 1,053 57
The perfect girl
The perfect girl
How perfect the girl of which I dream
the only one I care for,
Or so it would seem.
It’s my musings that taunt me,
To return to these feelings that haunt me.
A person thought of Daily
kept alive by my longing
To fill the hole that keeps on digging
into my heart.
If I could have her for just a day,
If only maybe there were some way
to make it real
Then she could be,
More than just a made-up fantasy.
:iconpylonzealot:pylonZealot 3 0
With the wreckage of his life in front of him
He stared into nothingness
Everything inside screaming, seemingly oblivious to his outward silence
How did it all come to this
:iconryu85:Ryu85 6 1
I want to be in black and white, words written on a page.
With a plot that thickens at every turn the reader cant look away.
Turn me into Mystery being solved by a gloomy, brooding victor.
Or maybe a great Romance with a "Happily Ever After"
Write me into Fantasy to transcend all your realities.
With a hero who is so bold, to test my fair formalities.
Compose a great Tragedy of star crossed lovers torn apart.
I will be the weeping widow who dies from a broken heart.
Create a suspenseful Horror and I will be your screaming victim.
Yet when the monster sets in for the kill, I find a way to outwit him.
I want to be in black and white, but this all seems to much to write.
The answer is not a novel, or poem, no its a quite bit more easy.
Grab a scrap of this or that  and with your pen just quickly scratch,
 "I Love You, Love Me."
:iconsinnomangirl:Sinnomangirl 18 14
War is hardest when you are against yourself.
When each room is a new battlefield,
and each day is another fight.
War is hardest when you fight alone.
When all of the soldiers look like you,
and act and talk and laugh like you.
When you have to look into your own eyes
as you pull the trigger.
War is hardest when you do not win,
and when all of the soldiers look like you,
and fall and cry and die like you.
The worst moment is when you are killed
and you look upon your own grave,
with your own name,
and no one weeps for you.
War is hardest when you fight for nothing.
:iconachille1996:Achille1996 8 8
Redbud Tree
Sitting ‘neath the redbud tree
Hand in hand,
All love.
Eyes closed,
I can see it clear,
You and me as one.
But the leaves have fallen,
And time’s gone on.
Winter’s brought it’s chill.
Though in my heart
You always are,
Now it’s pain I feel.
If you ever again come
To this sacred spot,
Make sure to sit with me.
For time goes on,
But love lives forever
Beneath the redbud tree.
:iconprettykitty473:Prettykitty473 3 2
I can see you there-
You're smiling.
Your eyes seek mine,
We touch.
All barriers drop
As our souls finally connect,
Secrets shared, tears shed, laughter rings-
We are one.
:iconprettykitty473:Prettykitty473 1 0
Your words surround me;
Twist and twirl in front of my eyes.
Everywhere I look, everywhere I run,
Again and again I hear goodbyes.
Your voice rings out,
A mist only my mind can see.
My body rooted to the ground,
My heart never to be set free.
The memories bring pain to my heart,
Enemies I cannot hope to outrun.
Our story is a tragedy;
A history that life has undone.
I wish to see beyond you,
But to life I am blind.
Your shadow covers the light;
Only darkness in my mind.
:iconenchantedimagination:EnchantedImagination 16 18
Ballad of my Love for You
Ballad of my Love for You

My dear, today in English class
You turned your lovely head.
Your eyes met mine; I surely felt
My heart would be stopped dead.
The other kids, they laugh and jeer,
They are so cruel to me.
But you don't say those nasty things,
With you I'd rather be.
Shall I write this with trembling hands?
Reveal my secret love?
I'll say to you the things I feel,
My heart, you will know of.
I'll write this note for you alone,
My crush, for you to see;
I'll tell you of these things I love,
Together we should be.
Your eyes, they are so beautiful,
I want them in a jar.
Cut out with my ball-point pen, I'd
Always know where they are.
Your skin, so soft and gorgeous fair,
I long for its caress…
I'd love to feel your soft, soft skin,
Made into a new dress.
Your white teeth will my jewelry be,
So jealous are the girls,
Red in the face, they'll see your bone,
The brooch in my long curls.
Inside my head there are voices,
They tell me what to do.
They whisper "scratch
:icongirlfoxgirl:Girlfoxgirl 7 12
Army Of Words
Army Of Words:
Sometimes we may not know.
How much our words mean.
We simply think before speaking.
Never know the impacts of our meaning.
Though, you taught me to love.
Gave me the confidence.
Encouraged my ambition.
With every last intention.
To protect me from life.
What a wonderful Wife.
It is funny what we may not know.
As you just say those three words.
"I love you,"
As long as it's said.
No matter if slurred.
As long as it's heard.
I am protected by an Army Of Words.
:iconeternalflame1891:EternalFlame1891 8 37
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Just graduated a couple days ago and flew into adulthood immediately. I now work 12 hour days 5 days a week, you can say im definitely making over time, which is always nice. I had to make a graduation speech for my AP Lit class and if any of you are interested in reading it, here it is:

Hickory Dickory Dock 
12 strikes on the clock 
Our time is done 
Set down the drum 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Life is not what I thought 
I reckon it well 
In the child’s spell 
Let’s go back to start 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
School was mine to unlock 
I walked the halls 
Never could I fall 
High school my first dock 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
That wasn’t the school’s plot 
A time or two 
I was so blue 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Homework put me at stop 
I’d yell “Too much!” 
I’d cry “No more!” 
But they only meant to plot 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Plot me the solid rock 
The rock, my home 
the rock, my road 
The path to my lifelong job 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
I’d always find a slot 
Time for homework 
Lot’s more for work 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Thought some days I’d go beserk 
Then sometimes say 
“No! Not todday!” 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Then I took some stock 
On the things I got 
It’s not what I thought 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
Hickory Dickory Dock 
That’s how I changed my thought 
Learned how to smile 
All the while 
Life was not what I thought 
-Marla Bea Hardy 
So why am I sharing this poem with you? For one, to make you excited we don’t have to 
do anymore homework!... until college comes around… Second, I feel like we can all 
relate to the stress and strain of too much homework, from juggling our social lives with 
our family, friends, significant others, homework, work, and extracurricular. As a guest 
speaker in Mr. Halverson’s class once said: “High school students are the experts of 
time management… I wish I could manage time like them!” And after awhile of 
continuous stress our mind and bodies begin to break down and seem to say “Please no 
more.” We may be bitter towards the teachers that seemed to pile it on more and more, 
but don’t be, all they were doing was paving the road to success for you. Silently 
conditioning you for the tos and fros of adulthood life. Although, they didn’t teach you 
the everyday basics of life like balancing a check book, money management or how to 
properly clean the carpet after a night of everyone getting white girl wasted-- but the 
same concept is there. If you can handle the stress of two tests in the same week, you 
can handle the stress of trying to figure out a way to make the paychecks last to the end 
of the month. If you could handle Hegstom’s bombardment of extraneous tests then you 
could figure out a way to make that miserable stain disappear before you leave to class. 
Even if you hated school, you’ll still miss it. If not because of your friends, then your 
beauty. You’ll look into the mirror one day-- old, wrinkly, maybe a bit out of shape-- and 
realized why you didn’t enjoy your life while you were still young and beautiful, because 
lets face it, this is about as pretty as you’re gonna get. This may be of some bad news to 
some of you. In years you gain in wisdom, you decrease in beauty it seems like. The more 
you learn the worse you look. But who cares what you look like, go out there, be you, and 
never stop learning. Be curious of your surroundings, ask yourself; “Why to plants seem 
to get greener when and after it rains. Why is it that humans only mainly grow hair only 
on our heads, and not the rest of our body like other mammals (you’ll get a few 
interesting answers to that one).” And remember that after high school when the world 
seems to be pushing on your shoulders; sit back, relax, and be glad that at least you’re 
not in high school anymore.

So there it is, that's how I ended highschool. Not too bad in my opinion.



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Emily Janus
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I have been writing poetry daily since I was about eleven or twelve, poetry is my passion. I am a Senior in Highschool and I just turned eighteen. Most of my poetry is not "rhymie" or "sing-songy," even though I do enjoy to write a few like that every once in awhile. A reoccurring theme in my work will be nature, feelings, and love (I know, I know, the 70's were 40 years ago). Most of the feeling ones are about the deaths of my brothers or society in general. I really favor couplets and over half of my poetry is written in couplets or quadruplets, other than that it will be in free verse. I don't post every poem I write since I do not want people to view me and think of a bad poem I wrote, I only post the poems I think is the best of the week or month. Anyways, feel free to critique my work!


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